Jul 14, 2015

A Trip To The Cemetery...

It's easier to miss a person at a cemetery, where they've never been anything but dead, 
than to miss them at all the places where they were alive...

A few trips to the cemetery to visit Arvid's dad is always part of coming to Norway.
Arvid's dad died in 2002.  In 2001 he was in Florida for our wedding. He was
 happy then and he was happy until the last time I saw him.

I grew up believing that cremation is the way to go.  Truth is I still think that's what I 
would prefer, but then we go the cemetery and I have my doubts. We go there and
we put water on his grave, we talk to him..well Arvid does and some kind
of peacefulness happens during those visits.  It's a place we can go and
 feel for a little close to that someone we love.  

Both Arvid and I have said that when the day comes we will also be cremated.  So 
much cleaner we think, but I still enjoy these visits with Arvid to the cemetery.  
Quiet moments surrounded by blue skies and lots of greenery and flowers.

Good morning world.  I must be Norwegian by now because I have never drank so much
 coffee nor eaten so many hot dogs in such a short time. Also we have chocolate
 pudding with vanilla sauce almost every night as well.  My niece Lilly Vade says
 hihi to all as well.  She is now a big girl and loves to swim all day long.

I went to visit my dad. He didn’t say a word to me. 
Or if he did, I couldn’t hear it through the grass, the dirt, and his coffin lid...