Jul 19, 2015

Sunday Day 13....

Life is too short to be serious all the time.
So if you can't laugh at yourself call me...I'll laugh at you...

Starting off the day with humor is to me the best way to go.  
Woke up to this from one of my friends:

At an International conference, a American, a German and a Russian
were discussing the shortcomings of their diagnoses.

The American said; "I can't stand it sometimes, 
"We treat patients for cancer, and they die of AIDS."

"I know what you mean" said the German "We treat them for 
yellow fever; and it turns out they had malaria."

"We don't have that problem in our country," said the Russian doctor.
"When we treat patients for a disease, they die of that disease."

That is today's doctors humor for you.  
Now which doctor would you like to be treated by?

Here in Poland it is relax time all the time.  Together with Arvid's brother and his
girlfriend we have already been to the mall and made our purchases.  After the mall it is
Tyskie time.  Here it is always Tyskie time.  I don't drink beer so I have not tried the
Tyskie, but according to Arvid, his brother and Siv it is very good.  I stick to coffee,
 Pepsi or fresh OJ. This way we are all happy.  The 3 of them are still out
 having Tyskie's while I am going to enjoy some room service.

Happy Sunday to all and may your day also be a good one.
Poland is great.  Norway is OK, but the place I want to be is home with Brutus,
especially after hearing that he is not doing so good with the paw and medicines.

We don't call it home sick.  We call it missing home.
There is not a sickness involved, it's a state of mind...