Jul 9, 2015

Day 3

Time spent with family is worth every second...

Second full day in Norway.  Still cold and as Victoria calls it, "the green winter in full effect."
Did not sleep too good.  Was awake from 3:30 am until 6 am, but when I finally fell asleep
I did not know a thing until it was almost 11:30 am.  Guess you can say I am fully rested.

Once awake it was a rush to get a few things done and then go to Arvid's mom for a little 
visit.  We try to visit her a little everyday.  They only have this time once every year so we 
try to make the most of it.  After that it was lunch with Michelle and family and Arvids mom. 
 We had Chinese food and it was really good.  It's the closest thing to comfort food here.

After that we spent a few hours with Michelle and family having strawberries and ice-cream.
We played and played with the grand kids until couldn't no more.  Today Arvid played 
the hardest while I held Vanessa.  She smiles and smile forever.

Afterwards it was a little quiet time for Arvid and I.  Always good. Brutus is doing
 good so far.    Hear about him everyday from Liliana and we  have his picture
 with us so he is never far from our hearts and our thoughts.
  For now we are enjoying the grand kids and family.

To all a very good day.  With the time zone difference, I will soon be going to sleep,
my sisters and parents are still busy with their workday as are many of you.
Day 3 was a good day.  Lots of fun and time spent with family.

It's not about having time.  It's about making time...