Jul 6, 2015


I'll keep you in my heart until we meet again boysie.
Your're not only special, your're a limited edition...

No matter how much I tell myself that Brutus will be OK.  That Brutus has
the best people taking care of him, I am still stressed and sad about leaving him for so long.

Brutus is being cared for by Wendy from Angels Pet Sitting.
Wendy. Angels Pet Sitting  and of course by Liliana.  Wendy will be in
 charge of giving him his pills and making sure that his paw is doing OK.

Liliana comes and spends quite a lot of the day with him.  She tells me they watch
 TV together and that Brutus is learning Spanish.  

According to Arvid Brutus speaks, English, Norwegian and Spanish. 

Time to go and give Brutus some brushing and play with him a little.
To all a good day and until next time.  Let's get the week started off on a good vibe.

Monday.  It's not bad.  
Begin this day with a grateful heart...