Jul 30, 2015

Rain! Rain And More Rain...

Rainy days, rainy nights, wash the world, set to right.  
Cleansing streets, set apart.  Rainy days cleanse the heart...

Norway where it seems summer lasts for about 2 days if one is lucky.  Seems like
 Autumn has already begun.  Since coming here a little over 3 weeks ago the
 temperatures have been staying at a highs of the 60's and lows in the 50's.  

There has been more days in the 50's than in the 60's, but we were very lucky to have 
had 3 days where it it the low 70's.  Blessed we were indeed to have had 
a little summer this year. Yay! for summertime in Norway!

Our main accessory is an umbrella.  A BIG umbrella.

This week has been depressing as far as the weather goes.  Everything is blah, but when
 the sun has a minute to peek out we catch a glimpse of beautiful blue skies.

That puts you in a completely different frame of mind.  You see possibilities, 
but lately all we want is to go home.  Pack  our bags and just leave.  As 
Arvid keeps telling me not, that many more days before we are back
 to the land of Sunshine, palm trees and the sound of the ocean.

4 more days to go.  Who says we are counting down the days until we go home?

Hoping for some better weather today.  Would like to go to a city called Tønsberg.
Maybe we will meet with Victoria and Michael and have a few hours together.

She is still looking for her kitty.  Loffen as of now is still missing.  Please keep your
 fingers crossed and send her some good vibes so that Loffen returns home safely.

Today is looking very good for a change.  As a friend said, it is the best day of the year.
Summer in Norway, unpredictable and definitely keeps you wondering.
Good morning everyone.  Stay dry and warm, and have a good day.

I love falling asleep to the sound of rain...