Jul 23, 2015

Thank You Girls....

I'm not feeling well guys...I'm sorry if I don't comment back a lot...

We left Poland yesterday morning very early.  What I did not expect was to be completely 
sick throughout the entire flight.  Not usual for me.  Also, I am sure no one noticed 
because everyone was tired and fast asleep.  Lasted about 7 hours before I started to 
feel "human" again.  Never had this before and hope to never have it again.

Bright side of the day was having lunch with just Victoria, Michelle, myself
and Arvid.  We went to Pizzanini.  Best pizza in Norway as far as we are concerned.
It was relaxing, enjoyable and just talking a little of this and a little of that. Very enjoyable. 

 A little trip to the mall, time with Vanessa, and coffee afterwards made for a very 
good time and a very good day.  Something we hope to d every year.

I am enjoying very much the relationship I have with Victoria and Michelle. Makes spending 
time with them always so much more fun.  Makes me look forward to our times together 
more than ever.  I hope it never changes and if it does, it is only to get better and better. 
I am after all their step-mom and I want them to love me like I love them.

One day hopefully Arvid and I will have our own place in this side f the world. Hopefully 
soon.  It will be nice to entertain them and have them over. Life is strange.  Never in 
a million years would I have imagined me being married to a Norwegian. 
 Having 2 step daughters.  Having 2 grand daughters.  I ask myself,
 "what have I done right to deserve so much?"  Whatever the answer 
is all I can say is THANK YOU!!!  THANK YOU!!!

I have learned it is not what I have in my life,
 but who I have in my that counts...