Jul 31, 2015


I don't want to miss out on the chance of having a good time...

Could not sleep too well.  Lucky me I was able to see the sunrise here in Horten.

We have 3 full days left here in Norway.  Suddenly time is escaping us and it has
become real that we will soon be leaving.  Bittersweet like always.

One looks forward to going home, but when the actual moment is so near makes you sad.
As always there are so many things I would have wanted to see and do, but sadly we
 did not seem to have enough time to do it all.  We have spent many good moments
with friends and family and in the next 3 days man more to come.

Saturday we will be going to Victoria and Michael's for a BBQ.  Like I have 
mentioned before, best food in Norway I have had and we have been to a few restaurants.

The last evening is becoming a tradition of spending it at Michelle's and Emil's.
That day Michelle makes her dad one of his favorite meals.  Something his mom made
for him when he was growing up.  He looks forward to the meal and we all look forward to
spending some more time together.  As usual my meal will be chicken and rice.  Tradition also.

Today we have a few things pending.  Of course seeing his mom and the grand kids 
are topping our list.  It is also Friday.  Usually at home we go out  for
an evening of music.  So far here in Norway we have been pretty good at that. 
 We have been out a few times already listening to music. 

 Unfortunately July is the month almost the entire county of Norway shuts down. 
 Just about everyone is on vacation so there is not that much going n in little Horten.
Of course the day we leave everything starts happening once again. 

 The Blues Festival in town will be in full swing at Saxon Pub and life/activities begin to pick up. 

 Weather even appears to be getting better, but that's after we leave.  How typical is that?

It is a quiet morning here.  Little drizzle, but better than heavy rain.
I hear the seagull already and I can tell it is going to be another very good day.

Little Loffen is still missing.  Michael and Victoria are frantically looking everywhere
for him. As I have asked before please send them some good vibes so Loffen comes home.

Good morning everyone.  Wishing you a very good start of the weekend.
We already had a little taste of it yesterday.  We are on vacation after all so everyday
is actually "weekend" day for us.   Soon we will have to get back in "home" mode and,
start gearing up for "reality"  sounds just perfect to me and looking forward to going back to
"normal" life again.  Getting into our routines and driving.  Miss our cars.  Most of all miss Brutus.

Happy Friday all.

Employers are at their happiest on Mondays.  Employees are at their happiest on Fridays.
If you're really not having a good time, it's not worth it...