Jul 15, 2015


I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be...

What can I say?  Like with everyone who goes on vacation there is always a certain place
 that is a must.  For Arvid and I going to Fishland is that must.  Fishland is a restaurant
 within walking distance from his mother's apartment, from where we stay as well. 

Looking at Fishland from his mom's apartment.
 Fishland is Arvid's favorite spot in Horten to just relax, unwind and of course it is on the 
water so we also enjoy watching the boats go by and I love to observe life.  I see a different 
culture, different people interactions and I realize that no matter what and where in 
the world you are people are very similar.  They enjoy good food,
 good friends and a good conversation and a good laugh.

After family the next stop is normally Fishland.  Usually on our first evening in Norway.
After being with family it is always nice to go somewhere on our own and enjoy some
quiet times.  Both Arvid and I enjoy quiet moments.  We don't always need to talk
 to have a good time.  For Arvid this works out so well.  He sits and just observes.

Compared to the United States, Fishaland is as nice as any restaurant on the water we go to.
Different, but again different is not bad.  One difference between Norway and the
 US is the service.  Here in Norway there is actually no customer service; that is 
nothing compared to back home.  Here all the waiters and waitresses are 
paid a salary so they do not have to hustle and bustle like they do back
 home for tips.  Tips are actually not something that is as big
 a deal either.  Some leave tips some don't.

For sure it has the ambiance for a relaxing and stress free time.  Both Arvid and I sure
 enjoy it and we try to go there as much as we can during our stay.  One thing is for 
sure, we always meet up with some of Arvid's old friends.  Good times always.
This year has been really good for us.  Been there quite a few times already.

Went to sleep feeling homesick.  Woke up feeling homesick, and missing
 Brutus a lot. To all a good day.  Whatever you do do with gusto.

Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling...