Jul 21, 2015


We do not remember the days.  We remember the moments...

Our time in Gdansk, Poland has come to and end.  We have had as always a very good
time, but in many ways we would have also preferred to be back home.  Though beautiful,
Arvid and I cannot "idle" so much.  We want to constantly be doing something.

I had the opportunity to have a manicure and truthfully I was very impressed and 
happy with the outcome.  Also loved the color.  Not my usual but so pretty.

Have had some very stressful days here wondering how Brutus is doing.  Wendy,
his sitter right now is doing everything she can to give him his pills, but sometimes
he is so bad he hides from er and makes the task more difficult and more challenging.

I am still very worried.  I want to go home to him very much.

We have 13 more days in Norway before we o back home.  Looking forward to
seeing everyone again.  Going to Victoria and Michael's to see all the new things they
have done to their already very improved home.  Seeing the little ones and everyone again.

Hopefully I will have good news that Brutus is doing better.  Depending on
that I will either stay the rest of my time in Norway or go back home to Brutus.

Here it is very, very early inn the morning.  Back home in Florida it is still not yet
Wednesday morning.  Early flight which gives us most of the day back in Norway.

Until next time everyone.  Hope your day is a good one.

We never can just stop time. Or take moments back. 
Life doesn't work that way, does it...