Jul 12, 2015


One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day...

The day we came for in Norway is finally here.  Yayy!  Today is Vanessa's baptism.
Lots of preparation has gone into this day by her parents of course, and fortunately, Arvid 
and I were able to help out the last 2 days with some stuff.  Made us happy.

Baby girls need pink everywhere and little Vanessa has it.   From the cake to the cakes 
decorations, everything was made by Michelle.  I look at her and I see an amazing person.

Yesterday I talked to my mom for quite some time so that made me happy.
I tried calling all my sisters, but none of them picked up.  That made me MAD!  Haha!

For the baptism I will be wearing a long dress.  Not something I usually do.  I will also be
 wearing high heels.  Definitely 2 things I am not used to,, so hopefully I will not trip and
 fall on my face.  That would be a little too embarrassing.  Not for me so much, but maybe Arvid

Love the color of my dress.

Arvid and I had an evening out to Fishland and we visited a pub in town.

Horten is a very small town.  Everywhere we go we meet some of Arvid's old friends.
Always interesting for them to catch up a little on each others lives.

Well here in Norway it is very early.  Back home it's not even 4am.  Little Brutus is still asleep
 as is all my family and friends in the USA. We are about to go to Vanessa's baptism now.
Happy Sunday all and remember, it is the little things that make a difference.

Let all that you do be done in love.  Happy Sunday...