Jul 3, 2015


A great relationship is about two main things. First, find out the
similarities.  Second, respect the difference...

Arvid claims I have too many teacups.  He is absolutely right, but like I say to him, 
"you need the right cup to enjoy your tea or cafe."  For me I need a different cup 
every morning and evening.  Boredom with the same is not an option.

For July 4th I need my July 4th teacup.  Arvid of course does not know I have it as yet.
Everyday he drinks n the same teacup.  Lucky for him I have 4 of the same.
He claims he only needs one, but truthfully how unreal is that?

When all I need is a little teacup for my second cup of coffee in the mornings.

Yeah, I have a weakness for teacups.  No matter where we go, Arvid always warns me to 
NOT buy any more.  Says we don't have the room and he's right.  I don't like just about 
any teacup.  Has to be thin and pretty, otherwise not using it.

Sometimes when we go on road trips I take his teacup with us.  He has 4 of the same and 
if it weren't for me rotating them he would wash and use the same one everyday.  Arvid for you.

Well Friday already.  Nothing much planned.  Just more catching up on work.  Taking
 care of loose ends and making sure all customers pay their bills before we leave. 
 Time to get those invoices out I guess.  Can be a good day as well.

By the way we did go to the movies. I love going to the movies and more so when we
 go to The Dine-In Theater.  The best experience.  We just reclined and relaxed.
 Unfortunately,  the movie was not exactly my favorite Terminator movie.
 Arvid did not like it much.  Said it was too far fetched, but that was
the premise of the whole movie.  Amazing 3D effects.

Love is appreciating your differences as well as your similarities.
It's Friday.  Remember that BAD decisions = the BEST stories...