Jul 11, 2015

So Far So Good...

Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in every day...

Though the air is constantly chilly, (and by the way I'm loving it) the days are beautiful 
and mostly sunny.  Yesterday we enjoyed some of the scenic Norway I like.

As always I had my camera ready to capture the moment.  These days I only use my phone
camera, and have to say I am pretty pleased with the outcome of the pictures.
Of course the moment that I really needed to capture Aleah playing with the
 swans, my phone was not there.  Arvid had put it away in the car.

Was a good time with our granddaughter.  She is as anyone who has a two year old will know,
the energizer bunny x 10.  Exactly what my niece Lilly is.  Full of energy and non-stop.

A few hours with Aleah and then it was time for Victoria and Michael.  Lunch time was
at one of our favorite spots in Horten, Arvids hometown.  We went to Fishland.

Everything was just good.  Company, food, weather...everything.  

Today we help Michelle and Emil a little more organizing the party room for Vanessa's 
baptism.  Tomorrow the main even for this year's summer vacation is her baptism.  All 
set and ready to work so that tomorrow we can all relax and enjoy this special day for Vanessa.

Missing our Brutus all the time, but trying to do my best to not think too much.  
Not so hard these last few days because we have these two little ones that keep us busy. 

Good morning world.  It is Saturday and already here in Norway we are starting to get busy.  
Those who know us know that we love staying busy.  Makes us happy.

Life is like a mirror.  It will smile at you if you smile at it...