Jan 18, 2016

Cold Start Of The Week....

I am no longer amused by this weather.  Somebody please fix it.
Monday...large coffee, positive thoughts, hustle, here I go...

We expected the next few days to be cold, but waking up to temperatures in the 50's was still
 a little shock to my system and to Shadow's.  He woke up with me.  Had his chicken and 
I bundled him up a little.  Just like I used to do with Brutus.  Shadow does not like to
 be cuddled much.  Brutus did, but he let me wrap him in my sweater for a little. 
 Guess he was also a bit chilly early this morning.  Arvid of course is 
still under 3 layers of cover.  Too cold for him to be up this early.

Us Floridians are not prepared for this cold.  Yes it is much colder in most places right now, 
but when you live in The Sunshine State any temperatures below 70's degrees is considered 
cold.  Especially for Arvid and I.  Today we will see people dressed for winter.  Ugg boots,
 scarves, gloves and heavy jackets.  That's how cold it is for us right now. 

 Most homes do not have heat so it does get really cold.  Thankfully we do have heat, 
but not sure we will use it.  Makes Arvid sneeze and probably will give him a cold, 
another reason he says we cannot go anywhere cold during the winter months.

Thankfully the "cold front" will not last too long.
By Thursday it should start warming up again. Yay!

Yesterday was too wet and windy for Arvid and I to enjoy our Sunday outing outdoors.
Instead we had Cuban food at a place not far from us.  Usually I go there with my friend Liliana,
but since I introduced Arvid to this restaurant he seems to have taken a liking to it as well.
Being raised in the Latin culture I love all their foods.  Together with Indian, and Chinese
food Spanish and Cuban foods are my favorites.  The most flavorful foods ever.

It has gotten a little colder since I woke up.  Time to find some warmer clothes.
Good morning everyone.  May the start of your week be a great one.

It's Monday don't forget to be AWESOME.
Monday is the perfect day to correct last weeks mistakes...