Jan 14, 2016

Felt Like A Beach Moment...

Wherever you go, no matter what weather.
Always bring your own sunshine...

Last night I told myself I would wake up early and go for a walk to the beach.
  I love watching the sunrise at the beach.  Well I did not make it.  I did wake up, but 
it was too cold and windy, figured I'd wait for a better time and conditions.

As the day progressed I still had the beach n my mind so I decided to go after all.  Even 
though the weather was not called for a beach day it was still beautiful.  Not many
 people were there so I had it mostly to myself.  Just the way I like it.

I had some alone time.  Listening to the sound of the waves splashing.  Sipping on my 
cafe and just letting my thought wander and take over.  I realize how fortunate we are to live
here in this warm beautiful place.  I know that even though Brutus is not with us
we do have a good life.  Always I am grateful.  I don't forget it, but sometimes
 I wish for more.  More meaning I wish Brutus was here.

Though I did not spend that long at the beach it was enough to make me smile 
appreciate all the goodness in my life even more.  It made for a perfect mid afternoon 
walk and it was good for the mind, body and soul.  Arvid has and is busy as always.

Shadow is becoming a little terror, but in the best of ways.  Today he ate my flip flops again.
I came home and washed away some of the sand from my flip flops, but Shadow found some 
leftover sand and before I could stop him he was eating it up.  Every morning it's a battle
 between him and Arvid.  Before Arvid can blink Shadow is trying to eat his toast and egg.

It's a very gloomy wet day here again, but somehow it just seems OK.  Later on 
today we go to dinner with friends.  As always time with friends is always pleasant.

To all a good day.  Hope you are having some sunshine at your side of the world.

A day at the beach restores the soul...