Jan 26, 2016

Hello Tuesday...

I promise to always be there for you...

Maybe Shadow senses that we are not totally committed to him.  He does not want to be 
cuddled nor does he stay close to us on the bed.  Maybe he senses that we have not allowed
 him access into our hearts as yet.  Breaks my heart because he is such a good boy and 
both Arvid and I choose to bring him into our world, our home and our hearts.

He;s still just a baby and he also needs his mama and dada to love him.  
Same way we loved Brutus.  I know I have a big enough heart to love Shadow as well 
and I am going to do my best to make it up to him and to be more a mama to him.

I guess it's not enough to make him his food, (I make chicken breast and carrots for him), clean 
his litter and play with him.  I think he also needs to feel that we want him and we love him.
I have to try harder to make him realize that he is now our kitty and we will love him.

I will be honest I am always going to have a place in my heart that will be empty.  It will always
be missing our Brutus and wondering what happened and why.  The questions are always
 torturing me, but I know that Brutus is not here with us anymore.  Shadow is.

Brutus forever my heart will ache for you.  Shadow I will do better by you. Both your 
dada and I will one day hopefully love you very much.  Brutus will forever be my baby.

I woke up early enough to see the beautiful sunrise from our balcony.  If that was a sign of
 good things to come then I take it as such.  Busy day, but that's best. To all of you hope 
your day has been good so far.  Keep smiling and the world smiles back to you.

A strong person is the one who knows how to be quiet, shed a tear for
a moment, and then picks up their gloves and fights again...