Jan 25, 2016


New day, new week, new possibilities...

I remind myself that there is so much to be thankful for.  There is so much goodness
 around us. So much life to be lived.  Even though I am missing Brutus, I know it.

Good morning everyone.  Just hope your weekend was a good one.  One of my
sisters is still snowed in.  No work, no school and yes no business today for them.

I enjoy seeing the pictures of the snow.  I remember the first time my sister Nina and
 I saw snow. We were living on our own for the very first time in New York.  We could not 
stop ourselves from running into the snow and playing with it.  Seeing my niece Lilly Vade 
doing just the same brought back a lot of good memories Nina and I shared in NY.

It's looking like another hot chocolate day.  Arvid's specialty as you all know.

As a new week begins, we have quite a few things already lined up.  Staying busy is best.
 Last night Arvid said something to me and it made me think for a while. He said,
 "do you think Shadow knows we don't love him as yet?"  Made me a little
 sad because I do spend a lot of my time thinking of Brutus.

Shadow sees and hears me crying and he hears me talking to Brutus.
Shadow does not like when we hold him.  We held Brutus several times in the day.
I miss that so very much and I realize so does Arvid.  Shadow is now our Kitty and I think we
both have to try harder.  He's not our Brutus, but he is a good kitty even if he stole
Arvid's toast from the toaster this morning.  Those who know Arvid know that he was
 NOT happy at that moment..  He almost said "why can't you be like Brutus?"

Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.
It is a brand new week after all...