Jan 13, 2016


It's Wednesday!  I'm breathing,  I'm healthy, I'm truly blessed.
I'm always grateful for something.  Everyday...

Last night called for Arvid's hot chocolate.  His specialty reserved for cold days.
He made extra so we also had it for breakfast.  Was very good indeed.
Made with milk and not water.  No salt and his secret ingredient.

With lots of running around yesterday made for a busy day.  Liked it.  Gave me
time also to go to the swap shop and get some fresh fruit.  Tropical fruit.

In all of it Shadow got a little Christmas sweater to keep him warm and I got myself 
a little something to keep me happy.  Win-Win for all of us.

One of my favorite stores is Bed Bath and Beyond.  Did some browsing around and 
ended up with my favorite sponge among other things.  Scrub daddy is great.

My errands today took me to The Galleria Mall.  Always have a good time there.
Of course had to make my Starbucks stop.   Today they were giving out samples so 
I got to try a few different flavors of their cafes.  I still like the "original" blend best.

Shadow has been biting everything.  He has bitten our flip flops and has now
taken to biting the dining chairs.  He gets some squirting and takes off for a bit, 
but pretty soon he's back.  He is definitely not afraid of anything.  As Arvid was
 vacuuming today, Shadow was trying to fight the vacuum cleaner.

Hope you have all had a good day so far.  Mine has been good.  Staying busy is best.
Today is 69 days now since Brutus died.  I miss that Kitty Kat more than anyone knows.

When the stars shine up in the sky I miss you.  When the sun rises and sets everyday I
 miss you. When the rain falls and everything looks bright and beautiful I miss you.
Everyday, every hour, in every way.  In everything I do I miss you...