Jan 9, 2016

Hello Saturday...

Be happy in the moment, that's enough.  Each moment 
is all we need, not more. Life is a journey, not a destination..

Last night Arvid surprised me yet again.  For Christmas as I mentioned, he wrote Brutus,
 and I a song.  It was beautiful.  Last night we were out with about 8 other friends 
from Norway. We went to listen to Albert Castiglia.  Always a favorite.

What i did not know was that Arvid had arranged with Albert to play our song
 "Baby Please Don't Go."  Arvid met with Albert late last year, which was less than 2 weeks 
ago, and gave him the song and asked if he would play it for me last night.  He did.

It was emotional and it was beautiful.  Arvid is an amazing person and he is good to me.
Arvid said he did it for me and Brutus.  What else can I say, but thank you, thank you,
 and thank you.  The crowd was cheering and I was teary especially when Albert 
said he was playing this song for me and Brutus.  He said Brutus' name twice.
 For me that was important and special.  The evening was very good.

Made us miss Brutus there and then; on the other hand Brutus is never far from my thoughts
 and my heart.  Being in the company of our friends was very good.  Did not think we would be 
out as late as we did, but it all worked out good.  Towards the end though I suddenly felt I needed
 to leave and we did.  I told everyone I want to go home.  We drove everyone home.  I did.

Today I went to Galleria Mall.  Walked around a while.  Arvid watched soccer. Saturday
is a good soccer day.  Shadow stayed by his side a little and like Brutus dozed off.

Later on today we take my friend Liliana out to dinner.  She was always kind with Brutus,
 and now Shadow.  What she does no one else ever will, and for that I will forever be 
grateful and thankful.  Though we pay her, the care she gave Brutus, and now 
Shadow cannot be measured by money.  It just kindness and love from her
 that we have been fortunate to encounter.  I never take it for granted.

Happy Saturday everyone.  Here in Fort Lauderdale the weather is beautiful.
No rain today for a change.  The guys at the car auction sure are happy.

Happiness, not in another place but this place...not for another hour, 
but this hour.  A good friend is cheaper than therapy...