Jan 27, 2016

Dark And Gloomy Day....

Pajamas all kind of day and lots of hot tea.  Having plans sounds like a
 good idea until you have to put clothes on and leave your house...

It's Wednesday 3.05 in the afternoon.  It's black outside looks like night is already
 here.  Also it is once again raining.  We have had an extreme amount of rain these
 past months.  As I have said before not normal for this time of the year. 

 Already had lunch and Arvid and I are sitting watching a soccer game on TV.  Shadow
 is asleep on the sun bed.  Everything is quiet and peaceful, yet for some reason my 
heart is in extreme turmoil right now.  As I came home from doing a few chores
 I was just overcome with grief because I didn't see BRUTUS.

 Don't ask me to explain I can't, I just am having a not so good moment right now, 
but I take deep breaths and I sip my tea.  The waves of grief will subside until
 they come back.  It is how it is and I try to cope with it as it comes.

Yesterday was a much nicer day.  We made the most of it by going for a walk to the beach,
 and calling into our favorite ice cream shop. Kilwins.  Both Arvid and I had a little treat. 
 Arvid has changed. Before he won't eat ice cream when we go out. In the last month
 he has had it out twice.  Those who know him know this is a big deal.

I walked along the beach for a while while Arvid looked. I love the feel of the sand between
 my toes and the water splashing at my feet.  I don't swing in the ocean, but I love everything
 about it.  On our way back home the weather changed and it was starting to rain.

There is still snow everywhere where my sisters are. These pictures are from my sister
 Mala's home in Vermont.  They will be snow covered for the rest of the winter. 
 When I visited last year in April snow was still everywhere.  Then I can really say
 we here in Florida have it very good. Even if it rains everyday, it's still warm.

Had another blood work done to see how my thyroid medication is working.  Once again
 the doctor has changed my dosage.  Says the last one was slowing me down,
 and of course, I gained weight.   Will try this new one for about a month,
 then another blood work to see how it goes.  Back and forth all the time. 

 Really terrible when one has to depend on so many medications, but worse is
 when you don't even know what dosage is best for you.  Oh well it is how it is.

Going to be a cuddle up with the covers kind of day.  Hope you have all had a good
 day so far.  Game is on, tea is still warm and everything appears to
 be in order.  Happy Wednesday everyone.  What's left of it.

Days like these are sweat pants and fluffy socks kind of days.  
We only adhere to comfy fashions here...