Jan 21, 2016

Hello Thursday...

Your presence to me was once my greatest pleasure, 
but now the memories of you will be my greatest treasure...

I woke up thinking of you Brutus.  It is still a little on the cold side here.  I love feeling 
the cold air on  my skin and enjoying the peacefulness of the mornings.  Today it is quiet 
and the sky is just beautiful.  Enjoying this alone time before Arvid wakes up and
 our day begins to get crazy.  Coffee always tastes better at this hour.

This morning I woke up to a picture sent to me by my niece in London.  Danielle is 
doing extremely well and she is loving it in London.  She is taking 5 classes, doing
 an internship 3 days a week and is also doing editing for some magazines. 

 Even then she finds time for her aunt.  Now that is what I call being fortunate.  
I am lucky with all my nieces and nephews.  We have a great relationship and I want
 them to know I am always here for them.  Also have 2 beautiful granddaughters
 and 2 step-daughters.  How lucky can one be.  Always something to be grateful for.

Little busy the next few days so that's good.  Good the keep the mind busy.
Wishing you all a very good Thursday.  For some the weekend probably will start today.
I thought of you very much this morning.  Spent quite some time over your pictures today.

What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment
 that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce...