Jan 5, 2016

Time With Danielle....

The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. 
It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us...

The days are busy with Danielle.  For that I am very happy.  Less time to think, but no 
matter what, a little face creeps into my vision and into my thoughts.  For a few moments 
I am taken over again by sadness, but I make an effort to pull myself out of it, and to be 
cheerful again.  Truth is, it's easy with Danielle.  Having her with us is doing us good.

During the day she and I spend time doing lots of different things.  Girl stuff.  It's always 
good to get out and to stay distracted.  Yesterday we did Indian Buffet for lunch.  Good that 
both she and I like it, and to make it even better the featured dish was chicken tikka masala.

At home she and Arvid actually spend quite a lot of time talking.  He's been giving lessons
 in trading and she seems to be enjoying it.  He's been helping her find out the distances
 between her college in England and a few key places.  Arvid is good; he is very
 helpful with everyone and I'm always grateful he enjoys spending time with 
all my nieces and nephews.  Danielle really tells it to him like it is.

The other day she was actually questioning him why it is that he turns off the phones 
every night at 6pm.  Of course he gives his explanation of...don't want to be bothered by anyone
and so and so.  She asked him a legitimate question.  She said, "but what if there was an 
emergency?" He said, "well then they will just have to call me at another time."

It is how it is.  Here at home the home phone gets turned off, well the volume gets turned
 down and his cell phone is rarely on.  Arvid is not happy when he get a call on his cell phone.
My phone is always on.  Never gets turned off, but if it rings I rarely hear it because it's on vibrate.
Our home phone, though the volume is turned down, it will still ring.  Arvid  does not like that.

Danielle and I had a full day out.  We came back stuffed from all that good Indian food.
We walked around the mall for quite some time and she picked up a few fancy 
tops to take to England for those days that she's sure there will be parties.

What are aunts for if not to pamper her nieces and nephews.  Whichever spends time with us 
will be given the royal treatment and of course go back home with a few more items than they 
came with.  Hopefully her carry on will take everything because we still have a few more days.

Arvid has been wanting to play a few games with her so that they can do some betting.
Danielle is also busy writing and editing during the times we are "relaxing" at home. Arvid 
said, "she does not have that much time like she did when we were in Chicago."

True again.  She's grown up and she now has a full schedule.  Playing games
 does not fit into it as readily as it did a few years ago, but hopefully she
 will find some time to play with him and bet with him.

To all a very good day.  My days are pretty OK with Danielle here.
The nights are not so great.  When silence sets in my heart aches for Brutus. 
I am missing that kitty kat like crazy.  At nights as I try to not cry Arvid holds me.

It isn’t what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you
 are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about....