Mar 20, 2016

Always Something To Be Happy About...

Life doesn't get easier.  You just get better at being able to handle it.
Memories are what I have, and they are beautiful ones though sad as well. 
Mama loves her Brutus and Shadow...

Yesterday was two weeks little Shadow died. I'm so heartbroken for him. The way he died 
was just wrong. So very wrong. For that my heart grieves for him. Arvid does not 
mention Shadow much.  I talk all the time about them. I grieve for Shadow.  

I ache For Brutus. Brutus was my baby.  Shadow was my little kitty kat.  
Both now gone.  Yes. Yesterday I had a rough time for a few hours.

My morning started out beautifully.  As Arvid still slept, I went to the beach. Mornings as 
I always say is my favorite time of the day and nothing better than some quiet time by,
 myself listening to the sound of the waves.  I really enjoy my time alone.  I'm always at 
peace with myself, and for those moments all in calm in my mind and my wold.

Later in the day Arvid and I went to a car show.  Lots of nice cars around.  We took 
our 1961 Oldsmobile there as well.  It's for sale or partial trade.  Arvid gets a kick out
 of these things.  He's in his element, and of course we saw some very cool cars.

The day was strange. Sunshine then suddenly the clouds turned dark, and it was wet and windy.
Not an unusual day here in the Sunshine State.  A few hours of  switching between rain, and 
wind it finally settled to sunshine again. You just go with the flow and be happy.

In the evening we went to the movies. It was good to see something that really did not
 require any concentration.  For a couple of hours we were laughing and feeling pretty relaxed.

The dine-in movie theater is a success.  Menu and all.  Just like being in a restaurant, and even
 better you just press a little button and someone comes up to you.  Last night called for
something a little bit stronger than just my usual Pepsi.  Last night I had the Caribbean Cooler. 
 Not sure what it was, but it tasted good and had a pretty color.  Good enough for me.

Today is looking a little cloudy right now, hopefully it will clear up in time for us to do
some fun stuff.  Sundays.  One of our favorite days of the week.  It's just ours.

Happy Sunday everyone.  Also first day of spring and Palm Sunday.
Many reasons to be grateful and to enjoy this new day that is given to us.

Start everyday with a smile.  At least it's a good start...