Mar 8, 2016


You have left our life, but you will never leave my heart...

I really don't have much to say today.  My heart is consumed with grief.  I am
devastated by Shadows death and nothing can bring me comfort right now.

He loved his chicken and now I can't give it to him anymore.

My heart is just broken.  I am broken.  I am beyond sad.  I miss Shadow.

Whenever I had to use the sink in the bathroom Shadow was always in it before I got a
 chance to turn on the water, and if I did turn it on, I always would then dry it so that
 he could jump in and sit while I brushed my teeth.  He loved being in the sink.

Once again my heart, my soul has been ripped off.  I  still grieve for my 
Brutus, now I grieve for little Shadow as well.  I'm not sure how
 much grief a person can handle and still be sane.

Mourning is love with no place to go.  Maybe the reason I love
 animals so much, is maybe because the only time they have ever broken
 my heart is when they've crossed that rainbow bridge...