Mar 24, 2016

One Of Those days...

I'm either going out for ice-cream or to commit a heinous crime
I'll decide in the car.  So watch out...

I was never a coffee drinker.  I started to do so in my thirties.  My first husband died, and 
next thing you know coffee was my best friend.  Oh and so was food.  When bad
 things happen in my life I have the tendency to eat.  Many people I know do 
just the opposite.  They stop eating.  Me I gain weight and from that 
day on I started to drink coffee, more than I should.

Now when I feel a "panic" coming on I have a cup of coffee.  That's what I'm doing
 right now.  When my mind wanders there is too much in there, and the calmness I was 
experiencing suddenly changes into something more devastating.  I stop take long 
deep breaths and bite my lips.  Many times it helps and I feel OK again.  Other
 times nothing works, and my world is thrown into turmoil all over again.

We got this card in the mail from Shadow's, and now Sniffer's vet.  It made
me extremely sad.  I once again saw Shadow and the images would not stop.  They are still
 rolling around in my head right now.  How I miss that wild kitty.  My Brutus I ache for.

I have had a total of 8 kitties and that includes Sniffer.  I have loved them all with all 
my heart.  At one time I had 5 kitties.  After them came Brutus.  Brutus took my heart.

To all of you, may your days always be filled with goodness and sunshine.
Do not forget that in our darkest of moments there is someone who is having it much
 worse.  As I always will say, there is always something to be grateful for.

Have you had one of those days where you hate the world?  And anything
 that happens, even dropping your pen , makes you want to break down and cry?..