Mar 25, 2016

Happy Friday...

You don't always need a plan.  Sometimes you just need to
 breathe, trust, let go, and just see what happens...

Friday.  What shall we do today?  So much has changed since Brutus died. We have 
been staying in more than we have been going out on a Friday night. Life changes in a blink
of an eye and so does a person.  What used to be so important suddenly seems so frivolous.
Truth is I really don't care to go anywhere that much.  I feel good being home as well.

Home with Arvid and Sniffer.  A very good feeling; one that has been missing
 for so very long.  Like I have said before, Sniff Sniff brings out a peaceful feeling in me.

Yesterday we went to the Swap Shop.  More like to the fruit market at the Swap Shop.

I stocked up on all of my favorite fruit.  Then Arvid and I went to the Norwegian
store where we also got a few things for Arvid.  Both of us ended up happy.

Yesterday was a weird day as far as the weather goes.  Dark.  Gloomy.  Sunshine.
We had an errand that took us to West Palm Beach.  The weather was not the greatest, but
 at least it was not raining.  On on way back home we were hit with a torrential of rain,
 thunder and lightening.  Took us forever to get home.  Arvid was driving and the
visibility was almost zero.  Pretty stressful drive, but of course we made it
 home and Sniffer greeted us.  Suddenly all was good again.

Friday.  The weekend has started.  I have promised Arvid to treat him to lunch today.
Hopefully there will be no rain and we can sit out somewhere by the water
 and just watch the boats go by and enjoy some quality time together.

To all a Happy Friday and a good start of the weekend.

Happy Friday everyone.  Forget all the bad things
you've encountered this week and have a great weekend...