Mar 15, 2016

And So Begins Another Day...

No amount of sleep in this world could cure the tiredness I feel...

Something as simple as an empty jar that was once filled with Shadow's foodies is enough
 to set me off.  I also found his headless mouse.  He loved every toy he had, but boy 
did he enjoy chasing this headless one. It was his first toy that was not a hand 
down from Brutus.  His very first toy was given to him by Liliana. 

I try to only remember the cuteness, the crazy little kitty and the wildness that made
Shadow the special kitty he was.  I do.  Yesterday again as I took the clothes out
 from the dryer I could not help but touch and feel how hot it was.  It was so hot.  
I burnt my hand.  Shadow.  All I saw was Shadow.  How does one wipe 
out such a memory?  If anyone knows the answer please let me know.  

Yesterday was Arvid's brothers last day here.  We had lunch with him and we had a
 few good hours together.  Unfortunately, his girlfriend was sick and was not able to be with us. 
 Even so Arvid, and his brother bonded.  Like family should.  Was good to see them together.

The funny thing is that Arvid and I live here in Florida yet the brother who lives in Norway,
 and was only here for 2 weeks has more of a tan that we do.  Yep!  It happens.  When 
you live in the Sunshine State you're in the sun all day long so you actually try to 
not stay out much in it.  But coming from a cold country one can't blame them
 for wanting to grab as much sunshine as possible. Every one is happy!

Good morning everyone.  Make today an awesome day  and don't forget to say thank you
 for the privilege of waking up to another day.  I never do, and I never take it for
 granted.  Remember, we never know what tomorrow holds.  As we all know,
tomorrow is never promised.  Shadow never saw it coming.  Did Brutus?

Dear mind.  Please stop thinking so much at night.  I need to sleep.