Mar 28, 2016

Monday...Will Get Better

Grief can be the garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, 
your pain can become your greatest ally in your life's search for love and wisdom...

Hope everyone has had a very good weekend and a great Easter.  Our weekend was good,
 and for the first time in months Arvid and I were able to sit out in the sunshine and enjoy
 our Sunday outing.  One of our favorite places for a Sunday outing is Houston's.

 Right on the water. Boats passing by and definitely one of our favorite meals in town. 
  Yesterday we relaxed and we just sat and enjoyed the view, sunshine and
 each others company for a long time.  Was just a perfect outing.

On Saturday we went to St Pete for another trade meeting. As always we had a good time. 
We took quite a few items with us to trade and both Arvid and I promised ourselves 
to not come back home with them. Good news. We traded all it.  Of course we 
brought back other stuff with his. Arvid loves to trade for lots.  Came home with
 a few of these as well. Over all quite a productive and excting time

Sniffer was very happy to see us.  Wendy watched him on Saturday.  It was his first time 
alone.  I have say he did pretty good.  Life is good with Sniffer, but in my quiet
 moments my thoughts go to my Brutus.  Yes.  I miss him very much.  

I don't cry like I did before, but my heart aches for him.  My Brutus.  He will forever be 
my baby and I miss my baby so very much.  Shadow!  The wild one. I'm heartbroken over him.

My day started out really good, but it suddenly took a downward turn.  I will have to meet 
with Liliana withing the next few days.  Just thinking about seeing her right now set off a panic
 in me.  Yes, shes my friend.  She has a good heart and all that, but...  There is that but.

It's Monday again. A new week begins.  With every new day comes new healing. 
That my friend Anna always tells me.  Anna, my friend for over 20 years. 

The days go by mostly smoothly.  Sniffer is a true godsend into our lives, 
but I'm still dealing with my own demons. Hopefully one day it will be better.

Hope your day and week is a great one.  I'm sure mine will be better as the days go by.
Happy Monday all and to my many friends with birthdays today, ~Happy Birthday~

The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days, 
waiting for better ones ahead...