Mar 22, 2016


Sometimes we just have to let things go, at least we have to try...

Tuesday and it started out on the chilly side, but now it is absolutely beautiful.
The air is breezy and the skies are blue.  The boats passing by all day long.  Life is good.

We are fortunate.  We may not have all that we want.  Yes there is something I want 
that I will never have.  Two somethings.  I desperately want my Brutus back, and Shadow. 
 I would love for Shadow to have had a better longer life.  Today we have Sniffer and it's good.

I am much calmer since Sniff Sniff came into our lives.  I still miss my Brutus.  Nothing
and no one can change that.  He's my Brutus and forever my heart aches for him. Shadow was 
with us less that 4 months.  So much was going on.  For him I grief.  I grief for how his life ended.

Sniffer makes me think positive thoughts again.  Makes me see that I am capable of loving
and opening my heart to another kitty again.  Sniffer is a reminder that life goes on.

Today our eldest grand daughter turns 3 years old.  We're not there with her, but our hearts and 
our love goes out to her today and everyday.  To her, her sister and parents.  We love you all.

Pictured to the left is Aleah today, 3 years old.  The others was 2015 Florida,
 when we first met her and fell in love with her.  Who can blame us.  Shes PRECIOUS!!!

Tomorrow my nephew turns 23 years old.  Time is going by way too fast.
To all a very good day.  May your days always be filled with smiles, love and joy.

I don't want a perfect life, I want a happy life.