Mar 30, 2016


Whenever you feel down and discouraged just tell yourself
that things will get better.  Keep believing in yourself...

It's only Wednesday, yet it seems like time has just stood still for the last few days.
  Long days.  On the bright side, yesterday I treated myself to lunch at one of my favorite 
places, and in the process enjoyed having some time at our old stomping grounds in Las Olas

 Also I had a long over due haircut.  I honestly don't know anyone with as much hair
 as mine.  My hairdresser always thins it out taking away lots of the bulk, but even she 
admits that she still thinks inhale more hair than anyone she knows and this is 
after me getting it thinned out.  Very unmanageable at times.  But now it feels
Lighter and for a little it will be easy to maintains. At least I hope so.

Sniffer is becoming more and more adjusted to us and we to him he really is a godsend,
 and we love him.  Sniffer reminds me that there is still a lot of love in us and he demands it. 
 We are just happy to oblige. Arvid is good.  I think he watches too much, but he says it relaxes him. 

Yesterday the day ended on a dark note (weather wise), but it was still beautiful.  Today it
 started our very ugly, but hopefully it will clear up and we may even get some sunshine.
  Strange weather.  Lots and lots of rain.  Flooding in many places in Florida right 
now.  Not fun at all.  On the other hand it is warm and will stay warm.

Today our youngest grand daughter turns 1 year old.  She lives in Norway, and we only
 get to see them in the summertime.  Looking forward very much to that.  Vanessa is a
 gorgeous little baby girl and together with her sister Aleah they have made us happy.

Happy birthday to our little Vanessa.  May all your days be good ones and just
know that you are loved beyond words.  See you all very soon baby girl.

Happy Wednesday everyone.  Remember every
 new day is a chance to change your life.

Wake up.  Smile and tell yourself: TODAY is my day...