Oct 20, 2016

And So Begins Another Day...

Do not judge my story by the chapter you walked in on.
Never explain yourself to anyone.  You don't need anyone's approval.
Live your life and do what makes you happy...

Just the other day my errand took me to Miami.  Was happy because Arvid was 
also busy so I had the chance to go on my own and of course I could not miss
 an opportunity to check out Aventura Mall.  Christmas is in the air.

The Aventura Mall is an upscale shopping mall in Aventura, Florida, a northern suburb
 of Miami. It is the largest conventional shopping mall in Florida, and is the third
 largest shopping center in the United States. The mall has three floors of retail space, 
comprising more than 300 retailers. In addition there is a food court with eighteen fast 
food eateries, as well as several chains and other restaurants at the mall's entrance.

Once upon a time I worked there.  I have worked in many places doing many different things, 
but my most favorite jobs have been those where I have had direct contact with people.  
I consider myself a people person and for me there is nothing better than meeting new
 people and getting to know more about other cultures.  And by the way I am not
 one of those who believes the customer is always right.  Sometimes there are,
 and when they weren't being "nice" they definitely heard it from me.

Yes one of my favorite jobs was working retail at Aventura Mall.  I started one Christmas,
 and I did something I had absolutely no experience in, but like I told the man interviewing
 me for the position, "if it's learnable then I am your person."  I got the job selling 
blown glass for the holidays. Yes, I did really well and I made lots of friends.  It was
 at a time in my life when being around people was essential for my well being.

I enjoyed walking around and browsing.  Arvid never likes to really do much of 
this and when he does it's always a rush.  Yes, it was a good time in my life.

Already Thursday.  Halfway plus into the week, and I am right now really looking forward
 to the weekend already.  Already making plans and enjoying it.  Halloween is still not over, 
neither is Thanksgiving, but Christmas is also in the air.  It's a mix of everything in the stores.

Let's just say I spent a little longer than I should have.  It was a delicious outing and 
one that made me miss being around people.  Aventura mall is very cosmopolitan. 
 People from all over the world were there.  And because Arvid is from Norway, I will 
just mention that there were quite a lot of Norwegians shopping there today, but the
people who were really buying up everything were the ones from South America.

Wishing everyone a day filled with wonder and all things good.  Life is meant to be
 lived and to enjoy.  We only have one life and if we don't enjoy it now, when then?

If shopping doesn't make you happy, then you are in the wrong shop.
I could give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter.  Peace, love, shopping...