Oct 16, 2016


Life is like a camera, focus on whats important and you will capture it perfectly...

Glad that Sunday is here we consider it our "rest" day.  The week and even Saturday has 
been pretty busy.  Work and work.  I'm happy to be busy and to be tired by night so that
 it makes sleeping much easier.  Even so, I am still up early in the mornings. I love 
mornings.  I loved them with Brutus more than anything, I had a brief time 
with shadow and that was also special.  Now mornings with Sniff  are
 something I look forward to.  Mornings are peaceful and so quiet.

Yesterday I  woke up at 5am.  As I used to do with Brutus, I now do with Sniff.  I brush 
him every morning and throughout the day.  Brutus loved brushing, but Shadow never 
got into it.  Maybe he was still too little and just so very active.  Up until a few 
months ago Sniff was not so into it either, but since coming back home
 to Florida he basically "begs" to be brushed.  Of course I oblige.

Arvid has been super productive and on the go all week.  We had a warehouse to sell
 and in just a few days he sold it.  If there is one thing Arvid really excels in it's real 
estate and selling.  My part of the job this time was to of course do the research and the 
comps on the warehouse.  We also did lots of cleaning and there is still more to be done.

Like I said, today we hopefully will just relax at home and not do more warehouse stuff.
That being said it is a cleaning day here at home.  Basically everyday is cleaning day.  
Having a little kitty kat makes it even more imperative that I clean all the time.

Honestly when we had Brutus I was even more frenetic about cleaning.  
With Shadow I relaxed a bit.  Same with Sniff.  My excuse..they are healthy
 and not so easily prone to infections, even so today is cleaning day again.

Yesterday I had another of my walks on the beach.  As always it was relaxing
 and very therapeutic.  I was there by 7am to watch the sunrise.  Arvid was
 still asleep and Sniff was already fed, brushed and onto his morning nap.

The beach was quiet.  Just a few people, a surfer to catch the waves, a few birds and
 the sound of the waves.  Just perfect.  Before I knew it, two hours had already gone
 by and it was starting to get a tad bit busier.  The breakfast crowd was showing up. 

For the four months we have been in Chicago quite a lot has happened in our neighborhood.  
There is construction going on everywhere.  On Las Olas not far from the Las Olas Grand,
 ICON Las Olas luxury condominium in the heart of downtown is currently under 
construction as are many more condo and apartment buildings in the downtown 
and beach areas.  Real Estate market is back in full swing again.

Yes in 4 months that we have been away quite a lot has happened.  I love exploring and 
sometimes it is much better when done alone.  I can take my time.  Arvid almost always
 is rushed.  For one reason or another.  My walks on the beach are just me alone.

On my walk on the beach my thoughts always roam to Brutus and Shadow.
I always wonder what if?  What if?  Not a day goes by that I don't think of them.  No
one will ever be able to fill the void Brutus left in me.  I love Sniff.  He's good.
  But my Brutus took my heart.  My little Shadow was here for such a short time.

Yesterday I had a request.  A friend of mine in the Netherlands just got 2 kitties and asked
 me if it was OK to call one of them Brutus.  Arvid and i saw the kitty and as Arvid said,
"he looks a little like our Brutus."  Yes, you can name him Brutus we told him.

Also Lilly Vade had her birthday party and as she requested, rainbow cupcakes and a rainbow
cake to celebrate with her friends.  Lilly makes me happy.  Seeing her I can't help but smile.

Hello Sunday.  Looking forward to just relaxing and taking it easy today.

They say you don't know what you have until it's gone.  The truth is you knew
 exactly what you had.  You just didn't think you were going to lose it...