Oct 27, 2016

Hello Thursday...

Let a series of happy thoughts run through your mind.  They will show on your face...

I'm not crazy about Halloween, but it is in every corner you turn.  The crazy parties, the 
unbelievable costumes makes one take notice.  Arvid and I never do much on this day. When
 I was younger, or let's say before Arvid, I did my share of "trick or treating" even so, I am sure
 it is nothing compared to what people do today.  I was and still am on the "milder" side.

I would like to congratulate my niece and her boyfriend on their engagement.  
Hawaii being one of their favorite destinations, does not hurt when her brother lives
 there as well.  It made for the perfect setting for the proposal.  On a white sandy 
beach with the waves splashing in the background.  Pictures do tell a story,
 and I am sure their extended vacation in Hawaii will definitely tell 
a wonderful story by the time their months stay is up.

They are very private so pictures are not allowed.  As Arvid said, "smart couple." 
 Why advertise when it is even more special just because it is private and shared 
with just family and close friends.  Much classier and much more special. I Like it!!

It's cloudy right now.  Looks like rain in the forecast for today, but at least it is warm.
Thursday is looking busy already.  Friday soon here.  No plans as of right now. 
 Unfortunately I have the sniffles. It feels like a cold, but not the worse as yet. 
Maybe I should follow Arvid's lead and also get the flu shot.  Hmmmm...

Good morning everyone.  Don't forget to catch yourself when a negative
 thought crosses your mind, and cancel it out by purposely replacing
 it with a positive statement.  Have a good day all.

You can't reach for anything new if your hand is still full of yesterday's junk...