Oct 11, 2016

Tuesday At Home...

Long time ago.  We lived at The Las Olas Grand.  The first of several homes for Brutus.
 Arvid, and I used to move around so much, it seemed like routine for us to live in
 one place for a few years, sell, buy another place then move again.  We lived at 
this location for 5 years. At the time it was the longest for us as a couple.

When we sold the Grand, I was not unhappy, but for a while I was sad because Brutus 
loved his view and he loved sitting by the floor to ceiling windows and watch the boats go
 by, watch the people and Arvid swore that when we were at the pool and hot tub Brutus
 could see him when he waved.  That's what I missed.  Seeing Brutus by the window.

Shadow did not get the chance to be on the move with us.  His 4 months were
spent with us here in Fort Lauderdale.  For that time he was a happy boy.

Sniff is already a traveller and with our lifestyle he will be a little "jet setter"
like Brutus.  For now he loves being home with us and taking it easy.  His first 2 flights
 were pretty stress free for him.  I think I was more concerned for him that he was.  Sniff
slept a lot.  He is a cool kitty.  As of now he sleeps with us all night long as well.

It has been busy since coming back from Chicago.  Our days are full and by the evening
we are both worn out.  Even so, we have not been sleeping much.  Sniff is the only
 one getting all his sleep these days.  Hopefully tonight will be better.

Yesterday I was interviewing another person to be his pet sitter.  Sniff already likes
her and she him.  Sniff is is good health and that makes it a lot "easier" leaving him
when we have to travel, but even so I just don't like doing it.  Since Brutus and
Shadow, died things are not so easy anymore for me.  I over think everything.

Another busy day begins for us.  Another week to make the most and best of what life
 has to offer us.  As always things may not be perfect right now, but in many ways it is
still a lot better than what many face.  For that I am thankful and grateful for everyday.

Good morning everyone.  Today do something that your future self will thank you for.

Happiness is when you feel good about yourself without  feeling the need for anyone 
else's approval.  Everyday may not e good. but there is something good in everyday...