Oct 6, 2016

Hurricane Matthew...

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst...

This is all that is happening right now in Florida, at least all the news reports here
 in South Florida is all about Hurricane Matthew.  Florida has been hit hard 
many a times, so even though I may make light of it, it is serious for 
everyone especially for those who have lived through a major one. 
 Example Andrew.  People here take it very seriously.

So far here at home it is fairly quiet.  Yesterday morning all the boats were heading 
North.  Just in case something should happen.  We expect lots of rain, but otherwise
  hopefully nothing more than that.  The skies are clear and blue as of now.

Yesterday Arvid and I were busy from the morning to until 3pm.  After that I said to
 him,"come on let me take you to lunch."  We were tired and I did not feel like 
cooking.  Flip Flops it was for our favorite chicken wings.  More like his 
favorite wings.  I like the drinks best, but the wings were also good.

This will be Sniff Sniff's first hurricane.  Hopefully he will be calm and not get too
 scared should there be thunder and lightning.  He's OK with rain, and of course we 
will be with him all the time.So far he has been a good boy.  Just like always.

In preparation for Matthew, we have brought in all our outdoor furniture.  We have enough 
water and dry food supplies.  What I fear the most is the power going off.  It will be 
hot as hell and staying in the condo can become extremely uncomfortable.

I did another run to the grocery store and Publix was just empty.  The shelves had 
nothing.  All water supply was sold out.  Most paper stuff were gone, canned 
foods gone.  Ice gone.  Bread gone.  Yes almost everything was GONE!

Wishing everyone a safe day especially all my Florida friends and family and 
those who are also in the path of Hurricane Matthew.  Remember
 they say that to be prepared is half the Victory.

There is always a part of my mind that is preparing for the worst, 
and another part of my mind that believes if I prepare
 enough for it, the worst won’t happen...