Oct 1, 2016

Last Saturday In Chicago...

Always end the day with a positive thought.  No matter how hard
 things were, tomorrow's a fresh opportunity to make it better...

Yesterday.  Wet,  windy and pretty chilly. I loved the coolness in the air. The rain did 
not bother me. In fact I was out for a while going to a few of my favorite places
 before we have to leave. Arvid was not having any of this wet weather. 

He was home painting.  For this summer we have done all the fixing up 
we will do. Always good to leave something for next time.

Sniff as usual has been sleeping quite a lot. Not sure if he likes the cold weather,
 on the other hand anytime I open the door for fresh air he's right there poking his
 face out.  He's cute sniffing all the time and trying to catch anything that flies.

Arvid and I went to House Of Blues. Little music. Drinks and some food. The
music was not that good but everything else was. I even got me a few Blues 
items from the store.  Also got Arvid a little something.  Happy time.

Of course no outing would be complete without stopping into Macys. The store was 
alive with music,  a fashion show and they were giving out makeup samples from
 just about all the makeup counters. Yes I got me quite a bunch of free samples.

 I was very happy. I also had "free" money to spend so for me it was an awesome time.
 I went alone so I had all the time to look around and check things out at my own
 pace.  It was a lot of fun finding something I "had" to buy.  You see the "free" 
money has an expiration day.  The "free" money" was fun to spend.

All things considered, I have had some very good times here this summer.  The best 
thing to happen was we met a kind, humble and loving family. They became Sniffs petsitter,
 and my friends. Yesterday Queta and I were talking and it was with tears in her eyes that
 she said how much they will miss Sniff. She and Ana her daughter have been just 
pure kindness to him.  They bought him a toy house as a going away present.

 They made leaving him when we went on the road so much easier.  He was cared for 
and loved just like I do for him.  Sniff hears them in the hallway and he runs to
 the door.  That is what will make me the saddest.  Knowing that they will
 miss Sniff and he will miss them.  They love him very much.

I have also made friends with Amanda who also became Sniffs sitter when Queta
 and family were in Spain and us in Norway. Amanda is funny and so very fun to be with. 
We had some good times with her and her husband.  Hopefully next year will be better.

I have spent quite a lot of the day cleaning and packing as well.  Arvid paints and I clean. 
Works good. Sniff is always around watching. After a while he gets bored and falls 
asleep.  It's our last night here in Chicago.  Today we will go to what has become one 
of our favorite places this summer. Navy Pier and dinner at Margaritaville.  After that I 
know we will be ready to go home.  Sniff, Arvid and I are soon going home.

Our time in Chicago has come to an end.  It has been good, but this year I am not 
sad to be leaving.This has not been the best year for me.  Our Brutus died.  There 
is not a day that I don't think of him and miss him.  I miss him all the time.

Shadow then came into our lives.  Full of life and a baby.  He was non-stop energy.
Thinking of him I just smile.  He was fast and active.  He died and I have not
 gotten over them.  Too much grief.  Too much sadness going on.

Sniff now brings new hope to me.  He is a very good boy.  He is loved and he
will have a great life with Arvid and I.  He is not my Brutus, but he is his own self. 
He is Sniff and I love him very much.  I am grateful he's in our lives.

Chicago still remains our favorite city of all times.  Next year will be better.
To all a very good day.  Something I keep telling myself, "you can't have 
a better tomorrow if you're still thinking about yesterday all the time"

Always remember that your present situation is not your final destination. The
 best  is yet to come.  Your life does not get better by chance it gets better by change...