Oct 3, 2016

Florida..We Are Home..

Home is people. Not a place. If you go back there after the people
 are gone, then all you can see is what is not there any more..

We are back in Florida.  Home where Brutus lived a happy life with us.
The truth is Brutus lived a happy life anywhere we were as long as he was with us.
As we walked into the door I was almost expecting to see that little face around 
the corner running up next to us.  I almost did.  We are now home with Sniff.
The strangest thing was Arvid saying to me, "it just feels different"

I asked him what he meant and grudgingly he admitted that it did not feel like home
 right away.  Said something was missing.  I know what that "something" is

For the few months we had Shadow, he sure know how to to enjoy himself.  He played 
constantly and just as suddenly he would be so tired and suddenly he would fall asleep.

Shadow was just a baby.  As you can see he did not care if his body was all on the sunbed. 
 He was tired and all he wanted to do was sleep.  He also loved his fresh boiled chicken
 I made for him every day.  When I opened the freezer last night I found a little package of 3
 chicken breast strips I had for him.  I still did not throw it away. Maybe in a little. 

Now it's Sniff's turn to call Florida home.  So far he has enjoyed his home in Chicago.
Now we look forward to making him a happy home with us here in Florida.  It's a"new" 
start for all of us.  My heart misses my Brutus all the time.  I know he's dead and never
 coming back.  I look at pictures of Shadow and all I see are those big eyes full of trust.

It's good to back home again.  Can't wait to get out.  Use my car and just roam 
around on my own for a little.  I am sure Arvid is looking forward to seeing some of the 
Wednesday gang also.  Life is already very busy when we are in Florida, but I like it.

It's morning and it is a beautiful day here at home. There is NO place like home.

The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and 
it feels even better to come back.  Home is where I am with you...