Oct 7, 2016

Riley Vinay Turns 14...

Nephews like you are more precious than gold,
because they keep their aunts and uncles from getting old...

In the midst of Hurricane Matthew, my nephew Riley Vinay is celebrating another
birthday. By the way hurricane Matthew came and left without even so much as rain,
for us here at home in Fort Lauderdale. We have been lucky, but I was hoping
 at least for a little excitement.  Nothing.  Calm and clear today.

Riley Vinay turns 14 years today.  All he wants for his birthday is to go exploring the
 caves in Virginia.  Riley NEVER asks for much, so it is a shame that Hurricane 
Matthew will also be causing problems their way and as my sister said, 
"no way will we go to a cave that is flooded."

To know Riley is to automatically love him.  Not only because he is my nephew.  He is the
whole package of love, tenderness, kindness and smiles put together.  Riley was born 14
years ago in Florida to my youngest sister, Rima and my brother-in-law George.

The boy has a heart of gold and he loves all god's tiniest of creatures. Understandably
 he would like to discover what lays in those caves.  The tinier the creature the
happier Riley.  Just thinking of him it's hard not to smile. Riley is always
saving all the little animals and creatures that crosses his path.

Fearless when it comes to protecting the less fortunate.  We all think he will make
the best veterinarian of all times.  There is something about him that touches you deeply.
  Could be his quiet demeanor and his shyness, but what ever it is, it leaves an
impression on everyone that comes in contact with this amazing little boy.

 Maybe it's the eyes that speak volumes or maybe it's just the way
he hugs you and tells you he loves you.  Whatever it is, Riley is loved dearly
by Arvid and I.  Arvid calls him The Professor.  Maybe because of his
reading glasses that are way too big for him.  Did I forget to mention that
Riley's hero has been and still is his older brother Gabsy.  

Whenever we visit, Arvid always makes time to go to Riley's room and to talk to him.
 He does the same for all of them.  It's always heart warming to see them together.
Then Riley gets out of his shell and blooms into the "professor" as Arvid calls him.

Within the last year Riley has experienced a tremendous transformation.  Not
only is he mature beyond his years, but he has developed an even more protective
attitude towards his siblings and parents especially towards his mom.
Riley is happiest when hes with his doggies, Lilly and his brother.

If Rima,  my sister has a sad moment, (we all do), Riley is always there to comfort her,
 to tell her that everything is going to be OK, and to always remind her how much she
 is loved and how much she means to them.  That's Riley in a nutshell.  One
of the most caring, compassionate and loving persons we know.

Happy birthday Riley.  Auntie Nad, Uncle Arvid, Brutus, Shadow and Sniff love you
and wish you always the very best in life and all you do.  You area one in a million.

We love you and that will never change...