Oct 19, 2016

Killer Clown' Reports Are Terrorizing People Across the Country: What's Happening???

Just because some people are fueled by drama, 
doesn't mean you have to attend...

There are ghosts and goblins all over the place.  People take it too far these days.  
Now it seems like people dressed in clown outfits are out killing.  Stores are starting 
to take away all the clown outfits from their shelves.  It now dangerous.

As it’s getting closer to Halloween, what seemed to be a harmless joke at first, suddenly 
turned into a serious matter with the police. What started off as reports of creepy clowns 
luring around neighbourhoods in the US, has suddenly escalated to another level. 
Not even our Canadian neighbors are safe from these "killer clowns."

It is believed that the surge of clowns spotted wielding weapons
 originated from some states in America, but has made it’s way up north. Yeah,
 the scary clowns have killed 23 people in Canada and is terrorizing the US

Creepy, threatening clown sightings have been increasing over the last couple months, 
leading residents of affected states to wonder just what’s going on. Earlier on Friday, some 
schools in Reading, Ohio were closed after a woman reported being attacked by
 someone dressed as a clown who threatened the students at her school. But 
the complaints extend far beyond Ohio. At least 40 states have had strange 
clown sightings so far, and the number keeps on growing.

Of the so many states having "clown sightings" Florida of course is one of them.  
No one right now is safe from a clown.  Suddenly they have become a menace.
"Killer  clown" sightings spread to Florida, Virginia,Colorado.  Another thing to worry about. 
 Being stalked by a clown.  I never really liked clowns anyway.  Always found them
 to be creepy and not funny at all.  As a child they bored me to death and as 
an  adult I found their act pretty irritating, so I'm not surprised.

Gone are those days of innocence.  Where a child  felt "safe" with the clown act.
Not much is safe anymore today.  Everyone has to be extra careful of what they do and 
whom to trust.  I trust people, but I want to think that I am also a very good judge of character. 
Even Arvid says so.  He usually would ask me "what's your feeling about this person."

The unexplained rash of clown incidents originally led some to suggest the phenomenon 
was part of an elaborate hoax, or an attempt at a viral marketing campaign. These
 unfortunate turn of events, occurring right before Halloween have inflicted horror in 
the minds of citizens all around. These clowns are NOT to be approached under any 
circumstances, and should be reported to your local police department upon sight.

Like I always said, I never thought clowns were funny.  Even less now.  To all a good day.
This is definitely a bad rap for all the "good" clowns out there who just want to entertain 
and make others happy.  Something else to deal with.  Happy Wednesday everyone.

Did I mention already that I dislike clowns?...