Jan 15, 2020

Life ~

No matter how bad things are, 
you can always make things worse...

Our walk yesterday took us somewhere we had
not been to before.  It was a mixed neighborhood.
 Very interesting and a little different.

  It was a very pleasant walk.  We encountered many
 furry friends.  For me that's a good time already.
We of course ended up walking by the river. 

At some point Arvid looked at me and said, "You smell that?"
How could I not; the entire river was stagnant and stinky.
 It was the smell of poop and all things rotten.  

Boats are passing by with residents holding up big banners.
  Protesting the situation.  For many there is feces all over 
their driveway and yards.  The smell.  You can imagine.

Not a pleasant time for many.  Combined with 
the overwhelming number of new constructions, residents
 have had enough and are even protesting all this new 
developments going on. 

 The infrastructure in the city of Fort Lauderdale will 
not be able to handle it all.  Arvid puts it best, "only 
problems in the future.  Not a good time to buy."
In the meantime I do enjoy these sunsets.

On another note, I spent the day with my parents. 
 My mom and I went around.  We did some shopping, we 
went to a Cuban bakery.  Everything was delicious.  Puerto Rico
 has spoilt me.  I need my cafe con leche everyday now.

My mom was in a shopping mood.  She ended up
 with quite a few pairs of shoes.  I was tempted, but 
I really don't have the space for anything.  

Plus Arvid's rule is, "you bring something, then you
 have to give up something."  Right now I don't want to give 
up anything and the truth is I don't need more shoes.  

Wishing everyone a great Wednesday.  Make it count.

Life is at its best when everything has fallen out 
of place, and you decide that you're going to fight
to get them right, not when everything is going 
your way and everyone is praising you...