Jan 27, 2020

New Week ~

The week is yours.  Own it...

We have had a happy week and an even
 better weekend.  The new week is looking 
very promising and all is good with us.  

Yesterday the world was shocked when  it 
heard about Kobe Bryant. It goes to show that
 we never know what tomorrow holds.

My sister Rima summed it up really accurately. 
 She said, "Fame & fortune but you can’t beat fate."

So everyone just remember, tomorrow is not promised.

Let's make our todays count. Everyday always.

The new week begins. One day less with my
mom and dad. One day closer for our Norwegian
family to be here. Life gives and life takes.
I am thankful always for everything.

Happy Monday all! Start your week 
and each day on a positive note.

Life is an adventure; 
we get out of it what we put into it...