Jan 31, 2020

Changes ~ Life ~

That feeling you get when you know it's not the 
same anymore. It has become appallingly obvious
 that our technology has exceeded our humanity...

A friend of mine shared some pictures on Facebook.
It tells a story without having to use words. My 
favorite is the Mona Lisa and the big lips.  

Arvid just kept shaking his head.  He says
 he does not understand why some people
 go out of their way to look weird.

It's a look at how were were, at how life was.
I love my gadgets, and I often wonder how we 
survived without them.  Life sure was "simpler"

In the above picture, you can see Arvid still
 carries a flip phone.  he proudly tells everyone, 
"I bought 3 at one time.  They should last me the 
remainder of my life."  He kept his last flip 
phone for 15 years, and he's proud of it.

Someone said, if you do not change direction, 
you may end up where you are heading.

Life with our Sniff is good.  I love him and can't
 imagine not having him in our lives.  That being said, 
I think of our Brutus just about everyday.  

We smile, sometimes I cry, but I always am thankful 
for the 9 years we had with him.  I can't lie.  I miss him 
so very much.  Some days more than others.

We think of Shadow and it hurts too much. 
 He was too little and deserved better.

That being said, we had another good day with
 my parents.  We took them out to lunch.  Enjoyed 
good food.  Drinks, scenery and each others company.  
Simple things in life.  Having the best of times.

To all a very good day. They say life goes on and
 that's good, but life goes on is a redundancy. 
Life is defined by its going on. 

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance
 you must keep moving. Remember, whether you choose
 to move on or stay stuck in the past, life goes on...