Jan 19, 2020

Hello New Day ~

You can't go back and change the beginning, but
you can start where you are and change the ending...

So far we have been having a great weekend.  
I spent time with my family, and of course that trumps 
everything.  Having a great time with everyone.

My sisters love Cuban coffee and while they are here
 we go every morning for coffee and a few of the delicious
 pastries.  This we only do when we are all together.  Once
 everyone goes back home it's back to their routines, but 
for now we will all enjoy our daily routines together.

Last night Arvid and I went to a concert.  It was a
 group that sang songs from the Rolling Stones.  It was
 not bad, but it was better for Arvid than it was for me. 
 That being said, we had a very good time.

After that we went to an after party for the Blues Club
here in Fort Lauderdale.  Most of these people were booked
 on the Blues Cruise that leaves today.  Blues Cruise

We met at the "party" a group of Norwegians.  
Said they were mainly from Oslo, and that there is about 30 
of them going on this cruise.  Arvid says he would NEVER
 do it.  Says he does not need to hang out with the same people 
all day long.  Especially since he can't drink like them.

Looking forward to what the day hold.  For Arvid it's
 a lot of soccer.  For me it's time with my family and 
then of course Arvid and I will have our Sunday outing. 
 Perfect day for all of us.  Maybe tonight I go out 
with my sisters for Margaritas.  Just the 4 of us.

Wishing everyone a happy day.  Another day with my family.
Happy and always grateful.  Hello Sunday.  Time to be amazing.

Keep your face always toward the sunshine,
 and shadows will fall behind you. Write it on your 
heart that every day is the best day in the year...