Jan 5, 2020

A Cold Sunday ~

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but 
I think I have ended up where I needed to be...

A happy Sniff.  No matter the time of the day. 
 Once we sit, he is right there cuddling up between 
our legs.  He does have specific times when 
he sits on Arvid and when it's my turn.

  Sniff like all cats is very particular.  In 
this picture I am the lucky recipient of his 
affections.  The timing was right for me.

Yesterday I decided to do the straight look.  Arvid
complained all the time about how he hates it that way
and threatened to spray me with the spray bottle.

He says it will make my hair curly again.  Not sure
what he has against straight hair.  For a change I was
OK with it, but I still prefer my "wild" look as he calls it.
 My mom says she also preferred the curly hair.

We had a really good time with my parents.
We always do and I can't wait to take my mom out
 for breakfast.  Just a girl thing.  Soon my sisters will be
here and then I am definitely taking us all out.

So happy to be seeing Mala.  Last time we saw her
was when she and Reshma visited us in Chicago.
Last August.  For me it seems so long ago.

Today we expect a pretty cold day.
 Temperatures have already dropped.  Of course Arvid keeps saying,
 "you see, we could be in Puerto Rico now where the average
 temperature year round is the high 70's F"

Today if not too cold we plan to check out the art
 festival on Las Olas Blvd.  Let's just hope Arvid is up for it.

Because when you stop and look around you this life
 is pretty amazing. I woke up I have clothes to wear.  I have 
running water.  I have food to eat, and I am thankful...