Jan 12, 2020

Puerto Rico ~

It takes an earthquake to remind us that we 
walk on the crust of an unfinished planet...

We felt the earthquake in Puerto Rico.  I heard the 
wind howling and felt the building shake.

We saw my sister and how worried and stressed she
 looked.  Living through Hurricane maria and then 
having to experience earthquake after earthquake sure 
take a turn on you.  I wish she would move to
Florida and be closer to J her son and to us.

We arrived to an island that was still without power
 in many areas.  We have been lucky that our hotel has power
 and water.  When my sister like s many did get power,
 it just came and went.  Ad it continue to do so.

Arvid and I have been travelling the island in search
 of a place.  Arvid is keen on buying something 
in  Puerto Rico.  I am more cautious.

We have seen many apartments.  Some with amazing 
views.  I can't stop taking pictures of the beaches and the 
palm trees.  Picture perfect views and beaches.

We have had a very good time in Puerto Rico.
 Arvid has once again tried new foods and has liked it.
  Lots of good drinks, but most of all am happy to have
 seen my sister.  She will soon be once again in Florida
 together with Mala, Nina and my parents.

The other night my sister Nirvana said to me,
"I'm afraid to go to sleep."  It tore my heart apart.  Like so
many in Puerto Rico she has been through hell
and back, and it seems to continue.

Fear sounds like Earthquake in a black night.
I used to sleep nude...until the earthquake...