Jan 13, 2020

Back Home ~

There's no happier person than a truly thankful
content person.  Be thankful for everything that 
happens in your life; it's all an experience...

Back home and as always it feels good.  At the
 same time it was bittersweet saying goodbye to 
my sister Nivana.  Made us sad to leave her.

On the bright side she will be coming to Florida 
on Friday as will Mala; and Nina will also be visiting 
from Tampa.  Only one missing will be Rima.  Hopefully
 March she will be here if all goes according to plans.  

Sniff as always was so happy he did not 
know what to do.  He had lots of brushing and kept
 crying for more. Which he had as well.  Finally
 he calmed down and was able t relax and sleep
 between  Arvid's legs.  His most favorite spot.

We spent lots of time with Nirvana.  Together the
 3 of us enjoyed some very delicious mojitos, piña 
coladas and some.  The earthquake put a damper on things
 a little, but did not stop us from having a good time.

Arvid and I went to Puerto Rico with the intention
 of buying a little condo.  We were hoping to 
go once a month for about a weeks time. 

 Unfortunately this did not work out as we planned. 
 We saw some units with AMAZING views.  We
 were all set to do the deal, but the situation in
 PR made us rethink it all.  At least for now.

That being said, it's good to be home.  The Internet
 is working and Sniff is by my side.  My life is full.  
Mom and dad have been in Florida a month already.  

Saw them yesterday after we came home and will be 
seeing them again tomorrow.  I'm happy and I'm grateful.

Acknowledging the good that you already have
 in your life is the foundation for all abundance...