Jan 30, 2020

Happy Thursday ~

The sun shines everywhere, not just at the beach.
I believe that when you bring forth the best 
there is within you, you lift yourself 
to greater and greater heights...

No matter what we do and where we go, our day
 always seem to enjoy a cafe latte.  I am already missing
 all these outings with my parents.  Mom and I do 
a little "girl" stuff everyday, and just thinking
 of them leaving makes me very sad.

A few hours running around, we found ourselves

at The Whole Foods store.  To this day, the best
 cafe latte you can get.  At least we think so.

The day was a combination of shopping, good
 food lots of wind and sunshine.  It appeared at times
 as if it were about to rain, but aside from a few
sprinkles there was not much of a downpour.

Arvid and I did our usual walk around the river.  
Always something to see and do.  Yesterday we
 did not cross paths with any of "my" kitties, but
 we did meet up with a few other furry friends.

My mom loves drives and I am always happy to take
her around.  Looking forward to what today holds.

Life is like a moving river, and you can be at
 the mercy of the river if you don't take action to 
steer yourself in a predetermined direction...