Jan 17, 2020

Hello Friday ~

Life is beautiful. You have to be thankful that 
we are living.  Wherever you look is beauty.  I know
abut the bad things, but I look for the good things...

Friday.  Even better because today Nirvana is once
 again coming to Florida and my sister Mala as well. 
 Vermont had a snow storm yesterday, and hopefully 
Boston-Logan International airport is on schedule.  
We will be picking her up later on this evening.

Hope the weather holds up and Mala can leave.
 Can't wait to see her.  I miss her a lot.

Yesterday we were busy.  We were on the road close to
 7 hours.  We are still in the shipping business, and at times
 we still have to go and check out a car for a customer.

Yesterday we were in two different locations looking
at two cars.  The buyer bought them both.  We love
 road trips, so for us this was another road trip.
  Unfortunately, traffic was pretty hectic.

After all those hours on the road, Arvid had just one
thing on his mind.  One of his favorite places to eat. The
 nachos are pretty good, but too big for just me.  I told
Arvid that when our Norwegian gang gets here we
 have to go, then we can all enjoy the nachos.

We got home tired and spent a few hours
sitting out on the balcony.  Very relaxing.
 Something Arvid enjoys very much.

The day is going to be amazing.  I look forward
to some  very amazing days with my family.

I wish everyone a great weekend and whatever you,
 do do it with great zest and flair.  I love my life
 and the ones in it.  I am grateful always.