Jan 8, 2020

Wednesday January 8th ~

Blue skies.  Sunshine trade winds, white sands,
salty air, beach huts, coconuts, starry nights,
 island life.  Puerto Rico is calling...

It's soon goodbye sunny Fort Lauderdale.  Hello sunnier
 Puerto Rico. It's not as if life is bad where we are.  It sure isn't,
but Puerto Rico is calling and we sure are listening. Let's
just hope we do not meet up with any earthquakes.

My nephew Gabsy in California has a few fur babies.
Of course I love them.  Every so often, they get a little
Chewy box from me and in return I get pictures and videos
 of the little trio and their antics.  I am happy as can be.

Got these the other day and I'm still smiling.  I really
 wish Sniff could have a little brother or sister, but I know
 it's not going to happen.  Arvid not going with it ever.

Being an "only child" Sniff gets all of attention.  I
would still like him to have a little brother or sister.
My favorite kind of relaxation is cuddling with

As Always when we leave Sniff is cared for
by Gladys. She loves him and he her.

The situation in PR is not that great right now,
but according to the hotel staff where we will be staying
 there is power and water.  Unfortunately my sister is
still without electricity.  I am heartbroken for her.

We do not know what to expect when
 we get there but hoping for the best. 

Hope the only thing stronger than fear.
Hoping for the best, prepared for the worst, 
and unsurprised by anything in between...