Jan 29, 2020

Road Trip Again ~

Do not be like those people who keep 
making excuses and pointing fingers. You have 
to learn how to change your perspective
 and adapt to different situations...

Yesterday's road trip took us to Fort Myers. 
 Of course cars were involved.  Shiny cars.

Always good going on the road.  Long drive, but we share it.

One car bought.  Not bad for a day's work.  
Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Another good day begins.  What it holds I 
don't know as yet, but for sure I will be spending
some more time with mom and dad again.

Life is for the living, and there's a large difference 
between living and merely existing. When you 
can seize your potential and truly feel as if you
 are doing your best in this life, you are living...