Jan 20, 2020

New Week Vibes ~

The love in our family flows strong and deep,
leaving us memories to treasure and keep...

Before Mala came to Florida, she asked for one thing.  
Margaritas.  Not too difficult to fulfill her request,
 and when 4 sisters are together is makes for
good times.  Just missing Rima very much.

I am enjoying every single moment with my parents
 and sisters.  J is also coming over as much as he 
can while everyone is here.  Unfortunately, Max is
 sick and could no be here over the weekend.

Lucky for me, there is an abundance of soccer games. 
 Keeps Arvid happy and busy.  Gives me more time 
alone with my family.  We are both happy.

As the new week begins, all I can say is thank you.
I have everything I need right here with me.  I 
am grateful for Arvid and his patience with my 
family, but as I told him, it goes two ways.  

As much as Arvid does for my family (ours now),
 I do the same if not more for his (ours as well).

Arvid says, that my family does not like to over 
prolong the day/evening.  And for that we are
 both happy.  Nice and short is best.

The Norwegian gang will soon be here, and 
I am sure we will be busy everyday.  A good busy 
because we will be spending time with family, and we 
will be bonding with our granddaughters.  Like I 
always say, I am thankful and forever grateful.

Wishing everyone a great start of the new week.

Dream as if you will live forever; Live as if you will die today,
and never tell your problems to anyone...20% don't care
 and the other 80% are glad you have them...